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  Topic: Neighbourhood

  1.What can you tell about people's feelings in the picture?

  2.Tell me about a local event that you took part in.

  3.Some people say that we should spend equal time with our neighbours as with our families and friends. What do you think?

  Day 2


  1.Would youlike to be in the crowd watching the netball match?

  2.Name me a time where you participated in or watched a team sport.

  3.Some people say that team sports are the best for getting most exercise. Do you agree?

  Day 3

  19-8-15日 (周四)

  口试题目- 有关环境


  1.What do you think the people in the picture are thinking?

  2.What does your school or community do to help protect the environment?

  3.'One country alone cannot protect the environment.’ What is your opinion?

  Day 4


  Topic: cashless society

  1.What’s your feeling if you were one of the people in the long queue?

  2.Will paying online change your way of spending?

  3.Some people feel safer when they have the money with them than internet bank. What’s your opinion?


  Day 5

  19-8-19日 (周一)

  (the picture is about the change of changi airport mrt station)

  1.What do you think the people are feeling?

  2.One trip you have made or you want to go?

  3.Do you think we should only travel when necessary to reduce pollution?

  Day 6

  19-8-20日 (周二)

  题目是:Use technology to study

  1.What do you think the students in the picture are feeling?(图片是电脑课)

  2.Tell me about different ways you use these devices in school and at home for your study.

  3.In the future, online learning can replace schools. Do you agree?





  Day 7

  19-8-21日 (周三)


  文章是a presentation about volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

  1.Why do you think this picture was taken?

  (The pic was about an Caucasian feeding an elephant, smiling, with a camera on his neck. The background was the pool where the elephant was kept in the zoo.)


  2.Would you be willing to do a job in the future to serve the animals or a job which requires you to interact with animals?

  3.Do you think it is important for teenagers nowadays to do voluntary work and projects?

  Day 8

  19-8-22日 (周四)


  图片: A family strolling along Orchard Road

  1.Would you like to spend the day with your family in the same way as the people in the picture?

  2.Tell me about a vacation with your family that you really enjoyed.

  3.Some people think that students do not need a long vacation from school and should have shorter breaks. What is your view?