Albury High School

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  • 院校性质: 公立
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  Centrally located in Albury, the school has two heritage buildings as its most conspicuous feature. Features include: A steady enrolment, strong retention rates, a stable staff, a broad curriculum with excellent sporting and academic results.


  Albury High School has an enrolment of 1080 students and is steeped in tradition and proud of it's history, values and achievements. We are an innovative and forward looking school. Our students are taught by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. The well-developed programs offered at the school are reflected in consistently excellent results in all areas at Higher School Certificate and in other state-wide and national tests.

  The varied interests of our students are reflected in the broad curriculum we offer. Our school provides every student with the opportunity to achieve their potential, whether through language, history and social science study trips both interstate and overseas, the opportunity to participate in creative and performing arts programs at school, regional and state or the challenges provided through our School to Work and Industry Link programs. Our dynamic sports program enables all students to achieve at all levels. We offer dedicated classes which provide our Gifted and Talented students the opportunity to challenge and extend themselves.

  Albury High School has always had vibrant, strong links with its community, parents, TAFE and local schools and values their input and involvement.

  We promote a strong learning culture and high expectations of our students. Your son/daughter is encouraged to pursue and develop his/her own individual skills and talents in order to become a well-rounded, self-disciplined and confident citizen. Our school motto is "Ad Aspera Per Astra" - to the stars through difficult and challenging ways.

  The anti-bullying plan is an intrinsic part of the school's Welfare and Discipline Policy and should not be used in isolation from this policy.

  Albury High School is an inclusive environment where individual differences are respected.

  Albury High School is committed to providing a quality education in a secure, ordered and supportive environment. The well-being, safety and health of students is paramount in the formation of school policies and practices.

  A reduction in the incidence of bullying can only occur with the support of parents, caregivers, teachers, students and the wider school community

  POLICY STATEMENT Schools exist in a society where bullying and harassment occur. Bullying must be taken seriously and is not acceptable in any form. Students have the right to expect that they will spend the school day free from bullying, harassment and intimidation. Students who are bullied may;

  -feel frightened, unsafe, embarrassed or angry

  -suffer from low self esteem

  -be absent from school frequently

  -suffer depression

  -have feelings of isolation and loneliness

  -start to perform badly academically

  -feel confused and not know what to do about the problem.

  Teachers, parents, caregivers and members of the wider community have a responsibility to work together to address bullying.

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